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How to Get Out of Clark International Airport?

Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (Clark), Pampanga

It was my first time using Diosdado Macapagal International Airport or more known as Clark International Airport (IATA: CRK) on my flight back from Cebú from Sinulog Festival. The first question of a first timer commuter is: How do I get out of the airport? I have been here a few years ago, but just until the waiting area. We walked from CM Recto Highway (near UP Pampanga) and it was a bit far from the airport terminal itself. Given the time constraint (I have work at Manila by 11PM, I arrived Clark at 7PM and Manila is almost a hundred kilometers away!) I have to leave as soon as possible. Now here are some of the options on how to get out of Clark Airport and head on to Angeles or Manila:

Arriving at Clark Airport, getting me baggage

  1. Taxi – It is probably the most expensive option of them all. The taxis charge for P400+ or so from the airport terminal to at least Dau Bus Terminal in Mabalacat. If you have some extra cash to shell-out, this is the most convenient.
  2. Bus – There is a direct bus trip from Clark Airport to Manila (Cubao-Pasay) via EDSA non-stop. There is a counter at the arrival area, you can just buy your tickets from there. By far this is the most convenient for Manila-bound passengers since there wouldn’t be any hassle of stopping over and picking-up passengers. The fare though is double the price of an air-conditioned bus bound for Manila from Dau, around PhP300.00 (almost US$7.00). Yet I do recommend this for those who aren’t that cash-strapped and wanted to go to Manila ASAP.
  3. Aircon jeepney + bus for Manila or wherever – For PhP50.00 (almost US$1.00), you can manage to get out of Clark Airport through an air-conditioned jeepneys and have you dropped either at SM City Clark, Main Gate, Balibago Angeles City or ultimately Dau Bus Terminal at Mabalacat if you are bound for Manila or northern cities such as Baguio or Vigan. This is the best option for cash strapped passengers like I was. Dau to Manila on an airconditioned bus costs around PhP150.00 (US$3.00).

And if Manila or any northern or central Luzon destination is your ultimate place to go, Dau Bus Terminal in the town of Mabalacat, Pampanga is the hub for most bus companies. You can almost virtually go anywhere through here for any Central Luzon destination, Baguio or Ilocandia.

At Clark Airport's tarmac

Given that Clark is the next big thing in aviation in the Philippines, I wish the government would now start improving the public transport system in this area. The controversial North Rail and NLEX may be a great help yet Clark is still far for most Metro Manileños. I think Clark is in a good start.

The New Clark International Airport Terminal--still not open

And as for me, looks like I’ll be using Clark in a few months time. Given that it is the hub for low-cost carriers, I’ll give it a try next time. This time, the question is: “How do I get there?”

  • Happy Sole

    this is great.. just one thing though, it would be more helpful if you can indicate which mode is available 24 hours for the benefit of those coming in late at night.

  • Berniemack Arellano

    That I am not sure yet though. I apologize if I haven’t answered your query on that.

  • Evelina Plaquia Talib

    Hi, I’ll be arriving with familt at DMIA about 2340hrs on 9 June from Singapore. Hope to catch CebuPacific flighth to Tacloban @ 0435hrs on 10 June from NAIA Domestic. Possible to catch bus service to Manila at that time? Please advise. Regards

  • Berniemack Arellano

    If I’m not mistaken, there are still bus service from Dau to Manila even at midnight. Although I am not sure about Philtranco if its still there. The taxis however would always be present. :)

  • Mark Jopriz Cabelinga

    Hi! I am linking your site to my FB account and I wish I could help, if only we have a forum site for DMIA.

    But you can always contact my fellow employees for your inquiries. We are more than willing to help.


  • Berniemack Arellano

    Thanks. Please do. :)

  • Jhenelyn

    Hi just like to ask is still okay to travel from Clark airport to MNLA at midnight? just little scared coz im not familiar with the place. Is it safe for a solo woman to travel at night there? or im also thinking to just stay in the airport for like 6 hours and wait for the sun to shine. haha

    thanks :)

  • Berniemack Arellano

    Hi Jhenelyn. It is okay to travel between Pampanga to Manila during these times. However, like going around anywhere in the country, you should exercise precaution and be alert at all times.

  • elmz

    hi there, i just wanna ask how can i get at clark air base using air conditioned bus at cubao..thanks

  • SJD

    hi there, i want to ask,too,what Ms elmz have asked. If i was coming from dau terminal, how do i get to Clark airport? My flight is early morning… Please advise.
    Thank you

  • Berniemack Arellano

    Hi. Thanks for asking. To be honest with you, I do not know how to get into Clark Airport per se. However, there are jeepneys in front of the Clark Gate, near SM Clark. From Dau Terminal, try to ride a jeepney bound for Balibago, Angeles or even San Fernando. Tell the jeepney driver to have you dropped of at SM Clark. Ask the people around where is the jeepney going to Clark.

  • SJD

    hi sir berniemack

    ty sa reply 😀
    iniisip ko na lang na punta ako ng gabi before the flight, okay lang ba magstay sa loob for like 6 hours?
    ty uli,sir!

  • Berniemack Arellano

    I guess it is not recommended. I don’t know how the airport operates at CRK but usually they refuse people to enter the terminal when it is not open, just like in Terminal 2. Luckily for Terminal 3, its open 24/7, the check-in counters aren’t.

  • Golda Catigbe

    Hello sir berniemack, I just have a question regarding the bus trip back to manila. Is it 24/7? Is philtranco not the only bus carrier that can bring me back from clark airport to manila? Their schedule is pretty tight, the person i have to meet will arrive at 6pm on a tuesday, and I have to be back to manila by 11. The problem with philtranco is that the latest trip back to manila every tuesdays is 12:30mn. Help please? This is the first time i’ll be going to clark and i need to be sure i can get back to manila in one piece, lol. 

    Thank you so much! 

  • pvz

    Hi everyone! Share ko lang yung experience ko going to clark airport.. our flight was at 6am in the morning.. so we rode the Philtranco bus the night before.. we rode the last trip at 10pm (as far as i can remember) the night before, because first trip of the clark-manila bus is 6am, and we wont reach there in time obviously.. the bus ride was 450php.. that’s just one way..
    Btw, clark airport won’t allow you to get inside.. their waiting area is across the gate.. there are tents there with chairs (like on bus terminals).. so if you will have to wait, be prepared to be bugged by mosquitoes..hehe.. our luck wasn’t that great at that time because it was raining.. and that it’s kinda windy..

    Hope this helps! 😀