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How to Get In and Out of Manila’s NAIA Terminal 3 On Tight Budget? (Updated)

NAIA Termianl 3

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Getting to Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 is already a tedious task. Lucky for you if you have the budget of paying the yellow airport cabs or metered taxi cabs or even the luxury of airport shuttle or your own private car or taga-hatid-sundo in Filipino.

Cebu Pacific Air at NAIA Terminal 3. One of the three airlines serving NAIA T-3

Cebu Pacific Air at NAIA Terminal 3. One of the three airlines serving NAIA T-3

Well given that as of now NAIA Terminal-3, the newest terminal in Ninoy Aquino International Airport of Manila, Philippines, is the hub of the giant low cost carrier Cebu Pacific and the Philippine Airlines’ subsidiaries such as PAL Express and Air Philippines, most cash-strapped passengers go here to embark or disembark on their respective flights. So how do you make it more budget friendly for these budget travelers who in turn will have to pay two hundred pesos (PhP200.00) for the terminal fee for domestic flights alone?

Fear no more, because here are some ways you can manage to go to NAIA Terminal three without being robbed in broad daylight.

I. Nichols Jeepney and vice versa


Although this would be the cheapest there is but its also the most inconvenient. Going to the terminal via jeepney is quite a hassle, especially for those carrying bulky baggage…and this is not theft-proof too.

But for those who are willing to do it, just take a jeepney ride at Pasay Rotunda near the bus station of Genesis and Erjohn…that would be within the compounds of Hotel Sogo of Pasay Rotunda. You wouldn’t miss it as barkers scream the heck out calling passengers bound for “Nichols.” Its only PhP7.oo (as of today of course) from Pasay Rotunda to NAIA Terminal 3. And mind you, you’ll disembark several meters away from the airport…just bring an umbrella if you feel it will rain or is raining.

Of course, you have to be vigilant of course.

II. NAIA 3 – Baclaran – Pasay Rotunda Shuttle Bus Loop

Good news for backpackers, cash-strapped passengers and commuters! After long time of waiting, the NAIA Loop shuttle bus has a new terminal for commuters bound for Manila’s NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) Terminal 3. It is located at Pasay Rotunda at Pasay City. No more jeepney rides to the terminal. Just go to Giselle’s Bus terminal, that is besides the McDonald’s and Chowking at Pasay Rotunda besides the north bound lanes of EDSA. It’s just a few meters away from the MRT & the LRT stations. Trips going to NAIA Terminal 3 cost only P20.00. Shuttle service is from 6:00AM to 10:00PM. That means, if you will be taking the first trip out of Manila, it is advisable to take a taxi or be accompanied by your family, friends or relatives (pahatid) to bring you to Terminal 3.

Usually, the commuters will just wait at the bus stop located right at the very southernmost part of the arrival area platform. There’s a big sign saying “NAIA Three Loop Bus Stop” at one of the gigantic posts.

Its only twenty pesos (PhP20.00) for one way per person and it will get you all the way to Pasay Rotunda on an air-conditioned coaster shuttle.

It’ll pass by first at Baclaran in Paranaque, then to EDSA Extension (or locally called “Heritage” area), then proceed to its final destination inside the Hotel Sogo Bus terminal. Talk about convenience!

Interior of NAIA Loop Bus/Coaster Interior of NAIA Loop Bus/Coaster I hope that the project would be implemented as soon as possible as many commuters see the much convenience of this shuttle buses for employees at the airport and passengers alike. Here’s the route map of the said NAIA Loop bus (courtesy of Google Maps):

So, better start packing up your bag and fly, as you would not worry much about your budget anymore. Just go to Pasay Rotunda at Pasay City. Disembark there (if you are riding MRT-3, Taft Avenue Station; LRT-1, EDSA Station) and ride the jeepney.

  • angie

    Hi. Your blog is helping a lot. May I know the cheapest way/transpo going to Hypermart fronting Jose Rizal Univ. along Shaw Blvd from T3? Also May I ask if MRT/LRT is operational now since its operation has been stopped due to tuphoon ‘pedring’? We will be in Manila on Oct 8.
    Thank you sir for your prompt reply.

  • Fe

    Thanks. Big help.

  • mhel


    I’m coming from Pacita, Laguna and my needed arriving time is 6 in the morning. I’m planning to ride a bus going to LRT buendia 4:00 in the morning. is it okay that i will take a cab going to naia terminal 3 from Lrt buendia?

  • Berniemack Arellano

    Yes Mhel. It is all right.
    Thanks for reading my blog. :)

  • einj


    Is this shuttle bus still operational? I’ll go to terminal 3 by tuesday. I want to use the shuttle instead of taxi because they are always charging a flate rate of 300. It’s very rare that you will get a taxi cab charging you on meter.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Berniemack Arellano

    Hi Einj! Thanks for reading. Yes, the shuttle is still operational.

  • CON

    gud day po…ask ko lang po sana magkano po ang estimated taxi fare from naia t3 going to edsa farmer’s plaza?? may kasama po kc akong 2 kids, im on a tight budget..mahirap kc pg jeep ang sasakyan nmin..thanks.

  • Berniemack Arellano

    Hi! Thanks for reading @CON.
    Estimated budget for that would be more or less P200 to P250 from Terminal 3 to Cubao.

  • LOL

    Hey, I just wanted to ask. But first, I’d like to apologize in advance because this isn’t about Terminal 3. I wanted to ask where at Terminal 2 can one ride the non-airport taxis. Thanks.

  • Berniemack Arellano

    Hi LOL! Thanks for reading. My tip: Go to the departure ramp at the departure area (2nd floor). Non-airport taxis drop off their passengers there. You can just hail a cab. Same principles apply for Terminal 3 as well. :)

  • Ruth_borromeo

    Hi.. Thanks for the info, btw i just want to ask if digital cameras are allowed to be use inside the airplane?while travelling… thanks alot! =)

  • Berniemack Arellano

    Hi there! Yes its all right for digicams, but turn it off during take off and landings (although i guess its safe to turn it on during those times).

  • Ruth_borromeo


  • liza

    hi berniemack!
    super helpful talaga ito. just want to ask how can we go to mantrade-magallanes coming from pacita san pedro laguna? and from there we will take a taxi na lang to naia 3. do you know how much would it cost us?
    Many thanks!

  • Berniemack Arellano

    Hi Liza! Thanks for reading. 
    Going from Pacita to Mantrade is very easy. Just take a bus bound for Cubao, Malanday, Monumento or Fairview at Pacita. Then tell the conductor to have you dropped of at Mantrade (which is SLEX corner EDSA). 
    It’s better if you ride an MRT at Mantrade bound for Pasay-Taft Avenue Station. You can get a taxi downstairs at Hotel Sogo. Depending on the negotiation, metered taxis from Pasay Rotunda to NAIA T3 costs only P100+.

  • liza

    thank you very much berniemack!

  • anna

    good day berniemack,
    how do i get out of Terminal 3 NAIA to Mandaluyong?

  • Berniemack Arellano

    Hi there Anna! Thanks for reading.
    Follow the instructions above and then just disembark at Pasay Rotunda terminal of the airport shuttle. From there, you can take MRT Pasay (Taft Avenue) Station and take you to either Boni Station, Shaw Boulevard (Crossing) Station or Ortigas Station, all of which are in Mandaluyong.

  • Mindconfuser_55

    hi sir just want to ask, how much it cost from genesis bus terminal in pasay to naia 3?tnx

  • Berniemack Arellano

    Good day. Please do read the blog post for the price. Thanks!

  • Mike

    Good pm ! Sir i just wanna ask how to get to NAIA Terminal 3 if i’m from caloocan? What jeepney should i ride? (My first flight)
    Hope to hear from you soon! asap Tnx  – 

  • Rico Lugtu

    hi sir 24/7 ba yung byahe ng shuttle sa pasay? may nagsabi kasi na 24/7 daw may tel number po ba na pwede namin iconfirm?

  • Mischievy_gal

    how to get in naia terminal 3? starting from ortigas/poea?thanks

  • Smurfette

    Hi, how much is the terminal fee per person at Terminal 3? Do I have to pay for the fee both for my departure and arrival? Hope you can reply!

  • Berniemack Arellano

    @Smurfette, P200 for domestic, P750 for arrival. You’ll only pay once (during departure). Thanks!

  • Berniemack Arellano

    @Michievy gal. You may ride the MRT or bus from Ortigas-EDSA then go down at Pasay Rotunda. There, look for McDonalds and Hotel Sogo where the terminal for NAIA Terminal 3 is located. Thanks!

  • cris

    how to get to NAIA3 via fly over? were coming from Sta Rosa Laguna. My sister who will drive for me is not familiar going there. thnks!

  • tine

    hi. i need to know what bus to take from NAIA to Caloocan City, i’ll be arriving there tomorrow and i don’t know what bus to take. thanks

  • Gene

    Hi Sir Berniemack i’ll be driving to NAIA T1. Can you give me instructions/maps on
    how to get there via Zamora bridge. I’m coming from Sta Mesa. your soonest
    reply is highly appreciated. thanks.

  • jerome masanque

    hi good day po ask ko lng if magkano ang taxi sa naia termnal 3 to dasma cavite po

  • chris

    how to go from naia3 to bus terminal going batangas?

  • Kate

    Hi Mr Arellano!

    Thanks very much for this blog! I didn’t know that there was a shuttle – in my former travels I always used a taxi from Magallanes (which costs 200 – 350) – depending on whether I’m solo or sharing the cab. I’m from Laguna, and I usually get off at Magallanes when travelling to T3.  Upon coming home, I usually take a cab (250 if metered yellow taxi, 400 if fixed rate taxi) to the LRT Buendia area – where there are provincial buses to Laguna.  I only knew about this yesterday when I bumped into a friend who was travelling to Singapore.  She’s a first-time traveller, so I gave her some tips on how to be a budget tourist abroad.  Now that I know about this shuttle and route, I’ll surely use it next time! :)

    To Chris of Batangas – if you’re going to batangas from T3, you can take the yellow metered taxi (costs 200- 300, depending on traffic) to the LRT-Buendia area, where there are bus stations to Batangas. Or you could take the shuttle, drop off at Pasay-Rotunda, then ride LRT-1 going to Buendia. At Buendia, there are a lot of provincial bus stations – to Batangas, Laguna and Quezon. I’m from Laguna, so I know that LRT Buendia area quite well. :)

    To Jerome of Cavite – if you take a taxi from T3 to Dasma, Cavite, it would be very expensive, but less hassle for you. If you’re on a budget, you can take a taxi instead to LRT Buendia, where I *think* (not sure) there are buses going to Cavite. Or, you can take the shuttle bus, then take the MRT to Magallanes station. Get off at Magallanes, then take a bus going to Alabang. From Alabang, there are a lot of buses going to Cavite.  If you don’t have much baggage, you can take the cutting trip route, but if you have a lot of baggage, then you can take a taxi from the airport to Alabang.  Then at Alabang, get a bus to Cavite.  Hope this helps. I’m not sure if there are buses to Cavite in the LRT Buendia area.  If there are, then please read my reply to Chris of Batangas. 

    Good luck to everyone and have a great day! :)


  • Kate

    I know this post was 1 month ago, but I’m answering in case somebody else has the same question. 

    For all travelers going out of the country, you need to pay P1620 travel tax (I think it’s discounted to P500 for OFWs), and P550 terminal fee. It’s only for departure – no need to pay anything for arrival (unless you have excess baggage – then you have to pay at the check-in counter). 

    So if the person is not an OFW, you need to pay P1620 (before you go to the check-in counter, pay this first) and P550 terminal fee (this is inside, before your passport gets “stamped” at the immigration booth).  Total of P2170 per person – this is aside from the fees that you paid for booking your ticket.

    Good luck to everyone! Remember, when traveling abroad, be aware & vigilant; in short, huwag aanga-anga :), and always keep your purse/handbags/wallets close to you. Act like you’re still in Manila (na maraming snatchers) and keep a close watch on your valuables. :)  Don’t forget to photocopy your passport (front – with picture, and the back part – yung may contact persons).  Leave the passport in your hotel room’s safe or in your friends/relative’s home, and bring only the photocopy of the passport with you.  That way, if your wallet or handbag gets snatched, you still have the passport in your hotel/hostel room or friend’s place at makakauwi ka pa rin sa pinas sa tamang oras/flight.  :)


  • Kate

    sakay ka MRT sa Ortigas, baba ka sa Taft Station. Look for Giselle’s bus station, then ride the shuttle bus to NAIA 3.  – kate :)

  • Kate

    In case anyone else if from Cavite:

    To get to Cavite from NAIA 3 – take shuttle bus (or metered yellow taxi) from NAIA 3 to the LRT/MRT stations (for LRT it’s EDSA station, for MRT it’s Taft station).  Take LRT to Baclaran. In Baclaran there are buses going to Cavite. :)

  • Hadzl_cute78

    me  darating po kasi akong mga ka church member frommdavao almost most of them are senior citizen panu po ba mag avail ng bus loop from naia terminal 3 to victory liner of any bus bound for baguio need ko po sagot nyo this week text nyo po ako 09477197803

  • pogiako

    16 Hrs lng po ata un ung operation ng shuttle bus,,

  • jerry

    operational pa po ba shuttle service ngayon? feed back kasi sa akin na wala na daw? how come eh ang dami ang nakikinabang dito…i need your update please asap kasi my trip ako next week at dito ako laging sumasakay…thanks and God Bless…

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  • Glo

    For ofws, no need to pay the travel tax, the ofw dependents can have travel tax reduced to Php500, if they can present the requirements.

  • mj

    Hi how much kya ang metered taxi from naia terminal 2 or 3 going to calamba laguna? :)