In Case of Emergency, Just Dance!

Sometime last Friday or Saturday, while I was surfing the net for aviation videos (I’m an avid fan of aviation, hehe!) on Youtube, I stumbled on this flight safety instruction procedure by the dancing flight attendants of Cebu Pacific Air here in my beloved Philippines. Well, instead of the usual boring and ho-hum safety instructions that has been like a ritual every flight for both passengers and FAs, it really caught my attention when I heard Lady Gaga over the PA and these FAs just started to dance!

The usual flight safety instruction procedure back then--boring no?

For most frequent fliers, although it is as important as their lives, flight safety instruction procedures or videos are the most boring part of the flight. The FAs try to give the proper instructions in case of emergency, however they may be frustrated by the inattentiveness of the passengers. Duh! Its your life on the line! But listening to the instructions seem to be really too much. Some irate passengers may say, “get on with it an fly!” Not so interesting, really-even if our lives hang on that boring SOP.

Cebu Pacific Air has been a pioneer of these fun flights, ever since they were still following the traditional “legacy” approach a long time ago. This makes flight a bit pleasant and not boring. In today’s age where tight-budget means every little piece of comforting smile may be removed, at least this flight safety instruction video really did caught my attention! For the first time, the passengers were either looking at the FAs dancing or listening to the safety instructions. Finally, the FAs have a chance to do their moves and smile while they have all the attention of the passengers-and now the attention of the world! There are 3 million views for this particular video as of the time of posting-and growing!

Philippines' Cebu Pacific Air -- Home of the Dancing Flight Attendants

Just a few days have passed, this video has gone viral on Youtube! Media outfits such as UK’s Telegraph and US’s Huffington Post. I guess I saw some of it being shown in some international news channels. Even the Hollywood’s celebrity blogger Perez Hilton loves the dancing flight attendants.

Hmmm, Cebú seems to have caught up with the dance craze, eh? We all know that its most famous festival, the Sinulog, is a dance-based ritual for worshiping Santo Niño de Cebú. A lot of international dance contests were held here, and even the viral CPDRC’s Dancing Inmates were also from here. Coincidentally, the name Cebu is back at the dance floor-now with flight attendants dancing in the tune of Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” and Katy Perry’s “California Gurls.”

One particular thing that I am concerned though-since it may have caught the attention of the passengers, I’m wondering if they do understand the safety instructions itself. In my opinion, it seems that the “entertainment factor” has overwhelmed the supposedly “informational factor” of the said flight safety instruction procedure. The passengers seem to may have been distracted with the dancing instead of listening. The flight safety instruction procedure voice-over seems to be rushed. Masyadong mabilis! I couldn’t keep up or sometimes don’t understand what the instructions are being said. Gaga and Perry’s music seemed to be too much of the volume that the voice-over sank in the ocean of music. I suggest for Cebu Pacific that if they wanted to have this maintained, they have to make some certain adjustments that will balance the “informational factor” and “entertainment factor” at the same time. After all, this is still an instruction procedure that may save lives. We don’t like to be castigated with CAAP, FAA or NTSB in the end right? This important ritual on flights should still be given the right balance.

In anyways, overall I enjoyed seeing this. Just a bit of tweaking would do. At least it will bring smiles to the passengers and the FAs, in the era of budget-airlines-and not think gory stuff about flight safety instruction procedure. Life itself doesn’t mean to be always serious-brighten up your day and enjoy! Have a fun flight everyone! Hehe!

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