Of Diego Bunuel & Ian Wright

Nope, this is not a fan post or anything that is about their programs that has been ingrained in my mentality for years…but these people, their co-hosts and staff, and most especially their programs inspired me to go the extra mile whenever I travel.

Since early childhood, I started becoming a jetsetter. As early as several weeks old, I was able to travel from Manila to Pagadian in Mindanao. Then later afterwards according to my parents, we move on from one place to another, settling at Cebu for three years, frequenting visits at Pagadian and Iloilo, then settled in Manila, particularly in suburbian Cavite for 12 years, then six years in Iloilo then back for a year and a half in Cebu. In between 22 years of my life, I have my own adventures, both benevolent and foolish. Traveling has been my passion. May nunal nga ako sa paa. 

Of Lonely Planet TV series

Always waiting for this particular program on Discovery Channel every Thursday nights. Starting from that point on, I have a growing addiction to this program. Different hosts like Ian Wright, Justine Shapiro, Maegan McCormick and others go to places and have it experienced it first hold. Sharing this vast differences of cultures of this planet and still making the show witty and fun. It didn’t failed me to get bored plus I like the soundtrack. Its not your usual boring travelogue, given the stunning videography.

I envy these people and hoping one day I’m gonna meet these people who fueled my passion for traveling beyond the usual destinations. Happy I am to sojourn different places, experiencing culture and hardships of transportation and logistics. I told myself, one of these days I’m gonna do that whatever they are doing on the telly.

This was late 1990′s, I was still at primary school. After our cable has been cut off temporarily, I didn’t saw them again for more than half a decade until Net 25, a local channel, televised it on free telly and has changed names into Pilot Guides then Globe Trekker.

A telly show that inspired me to do all.

Of Don’t Tell My Mother…

This was recent but it made a heavy impact in me…what if I go to places where no tourist dare to go. At least its a difference from the usual commercialized and scripted tourist spots. Diego Bunuel, a French film maker dared himself to go to places where an average tourist would either surrender, unallowed to get in or be struck in fear. Places torn by war, violence & supression and yet still seeing the beauty and agony there is in this place and its people.

Bunuel’s program is being shown on National Geographic Channel, and the first episode that I’ve watched sparked my curiosity with the hermit kingdom of North Korea. Finally, an alternative to already flooding South Korean dramas and movies here in the Philippines! From that point on, I’ve been following Afghanistan and recently Congo (where my father is right now…in Katanga Province that is).

Going to places that are dangerous and thrilling gives more adrenaline rush. I’ve done this before, at the crossfiring range of Maguindanao during my research for my undergraduate thesis and yet still enjoyed being with the locals even for a short time…Its something seeing beyond the box that the mainstream mindset gives.

I wish I could share to Diego, experiencing Mindanao now…Too bad I couldn’t see any contact numbers or e-mail to the production crew nor they’ll dare to go to Mindanao.

Of Taralets!

Well, these tv programmes inspired me so much in travelling. I like to be like them, experiencing and sharing experiences. Giving a new colour to the usual world in which people revolve in…almost ritualistic. It has colour and spice, not that bland and usual stuff. Its more than what Western perception thinks of the Orient or vice versa. Its more than just the usual tourist spots and tourist events that makes it spicy…its on how we see the world in a different light.

“The World is Just Awesome” as the tagline for Discovery Channel.

“Think Again” as the Nat Geo Channel proclaims to the world.

And I think we should have to go beyond the conventional box of boredom. Choose life, travel far!

Bernardo Arellano III

Berniemack Arellano, is the blogger behind HabagatCentral and ViajeroFilipino. A simple and boring guy who wants to go amok whenever he’s being prevented going somewhere else. Traveler, Blogger, Food Lover, Proud Pinoy, Mexiphile, Isko ng Bayan, Passion with History and Urban Planning, FSX Pilot and future professional cartographer Since birth, he has been traveling due to the transient nature of the work of the father: NPA for short (no permanent address) or a nomad. Prefers to do more than just sightseeing, but experience anything local--from food, festivals, cities, culture, heritage and more.