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How to Get In and Out of Manila’s NAIA Terminal 3 On Tight Budget?

Getting here is already a tedious task. Lucky for you if you have the budget of paying the yellow airport cabs or metered taxi cabs or even the luxury of airport shuttle or your own private car or taga-hatid-sundo in Filipino.

Well given that as of now NAIA Terminal-3, the newest terminal in Ninoy Aquino International Airport of Manila, Philippines, is the hub of the giant low cost carrier Cebu Pacific and the Philippine Airlines’ subsidiaries such as PAL Express and Air Philippines, most cash-strapped passengers go here to embark or disembark on their respective flights. So how do you make it more budget friendly for these budget travelers who in turn will have to pay two hundred pesos (PhP200.00) for the terminal fee for domestic flights alone?

Fear no more, because here are some ways you can manage to go to NAIA Terminal three without being robbed in broad daylight.

I. Nichols Jeepney and vice versa

Although this would be the cheapest there is but its also the most inconvenient. Going to the terminal via jeepney is quite a hassle, especially for those carrying bulky baggage…and this is not theft-proof too.

But for those who are willing to do it, just take a jeepney ride at Pasay Rotunda near the bus station of Genesis and Erjohn…that would be within the compounds of Hotel Sogo of Pasay Rotunda. You wouldn’t miss it as barkers scream the heck out calling passengers bound for “Nichols.” Its only PhP7.oo (as of today of course) from Pasay Rotunda to NAIA Terminal 3. And mind you, you’ll disembark several meters away from the airport…just bring an umbrella if you feel it will rain or is raining.

Of course, you have to be vigilant of course.

II. NAIA 3 – Baclaran – Pasay Rotunda Shuttle Bus Loop

As of now, they are only picking up passengers and commuters FROM NAIA Terminal three but this experimental transport has been far most the most convenient yet affordable among all the options of getting in and out of the terminal.

Usually, the commuters will just wait at the bus stop located right at the very southernmost part of the arrival area platform. There’s a big sign saying “NAIA Three Loop Bus Stop” at one of the gigantic posts.

Its only twenty pesos (PhP20.00) for one way per person and it will get you all the way to Pasay Rotunda on an air-conditioned coaster shuttle.

It’ll pass by first at Baclaran in Paranaque, then to EDSA Extension (or locally called “Heritage” area), then proceed to its final destination inside the Hotel Sogo Bus terminal. Talk about convenience!

Interior of NAIA Loop Bus/Coaster

Interior of NAIA Loop Bus/Coaster

I hope that the project would be implemented as soon as possible as many commuters see the much convenience of this shuttle buses for employees at the airport and passengers alike.

Here’s the route map of the said NAIA Loop bus (courtesy of Google Maps):

Click here to view larger image of the map.

So, better start packing up your bag and fly, as you would not worry much about your budget anymore. Just go to Pasay Rotunda at Pasay City. Disembark there (if you are riding MRT-3, Taft Avenue Station; LRT-1, EDSA Station) and ride the jeepney.

More pictures here:

  • Bruce in Iloilo

    The lack of transportation options at the Manila airport, all 4 terminals, is shameful. The Philippines has one of the best public transport systems in the world. Thanks to all the jeepneys, buses, tricycles, etc., you can get anywhere nationwide relatively cheaply and easily, except the airports.

    Also, why don’t they let regular metered taxis into all terminals, like all other airports worldwide? Why did they have to invent the “fake” yellow metered taxis? Corruption, no doubt. They might as well hang a sign upon entering the country “Welcome to the Philippines. We cheat visitors.”