Revolutionizing the Way We Connect

Globe Telecom has just unleashed another of its pioneering moves in the telecom industry as they roll-out 4G  mobile technology in this republic. Currently deployed in Metro Manila, Globe is expected to widen its coverage of 4G sites all across the nation by 2012. The telecom network has already took advantage of gradually introducing the 4G mobile technology in the country through WiMAX-and has now finally integrated it so that the customers may experience a whole new level of mobile technology in which, either in business or in personal use, speed is everything.

Now, with 4G mobile already in use…what do I expect when using this technology? Of course, the first one would be ease of access on my social networking sites and blogs. Having a high speed connection would provide instant updates on your social networking sites or even compose a write-up for your blog even without a desktop. Having a high speed mobile internet access would also able me to provide the information that I wanted, almost everywhere I go-especially for a vagabond like me. I also expect that having this kind of technology would make closer ties to family, friends and loved ones-wherever we may be. It is the connection from the people and our contribution in helping people provide information that matters.

With 4G mobile technology launched, I hope that it would usher in a breakthrough in Philippine internet connection. Let us know how you think about it?

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