Hala Bira Tugs-Tugs at Dinagyang!

Look at the picture below:

People in front of the giant speakers...listening and just staring

That’s my favorite subject for my photo shoot in Calle Real. The International House (S.Villanueva Building as according to ICCHCC catalogue) at the corner of JM Basa corner Aldeguer Street. The symbol of Iloilo’s glorious past. Yet I won’t be talking heritage here, but I like to share a common scene during the city’s largest festival, the Dinagyang.

It’s all about those people staring blankly at sound systems which are playing in full volume!

Play this video below (or the next page). I apologize for the annoying voice that I have…pasensyahan na lang tayo, malakas kasi patugtog.

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The Sinulog Legacy

The Sinulog festival was initiated by the government to pay homage to a pagan ritual being done by Cebuanos, then and now, as a way of worshiping and praying for the intercession of Santo Niño de Cebú. Yet where did the dance that sparked the largest festival in the country today started? Two steps forward and one step backward, imitating the sulog or waves while waving a candle or an image of the Santo Niño. An ancient pagan ritual merged with Catholic beliefs—a form of syncretic Filipino folk Catholicism.

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MassKara Festival 2010 of Bacolod: Revelry as Negrenses Enjoy it

It was my first MassKara festival in five years. The last time I went to Bacolod City in the province of Negros Occidental to witness the said celebration was during its silver anniversary—2004! By that time, I was already at the streets, witnessing how Bacolodnons do their revelry about life and resilience. After all, this is Bacolod’s way of celebrating history and commemorating what history has brought to the lives of every Negrense, and a reflection of their culture.

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The Vivid Colours of Pahiyas de Lucban

The kiping at Pahiyas Festival

Now, for the main dish. The number one reason why I went to Lucban last May 15th was because of Pahiyas Festival. Yup, that’s right. The fiesta of splashing colours, food, alcohol, revelry, religiosity and the invasion of the paparazzi. Pahiyas Festival has been known all over the Philippines as the fiesta with colurful buntings decorated in the town’s houses called kiping. Seen at post cards, text books and even foreign TV shows, Quezon Province’s most famous festival brings thousands of people to the rustic yet cool town in the foothills of Mount Banahaw, Lucban.

For the record, perstaym ko po pumunta dito! Nope, di lang Pahiyas, pati na rin pagpunta sa Lucban! Yes, nakarating na ako sa bayan ng Pahiyas, longanisa, pansit habhab at ang sagot sa vodka ng mga Tagalog, ang lambanog!

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Three Things That Satisfied My Tummy in Pahiyas de Lucban

Pancit Habhab at Lucban...Served Hot with a smile!

Well, what do you know. I came up here for two things: The fiesta and the food. In every fiesta in this country, food is always associated-and it means a whole lot of it. When I was at Lucban, although I wasn’t able to go house-hopping for food, the streets of this quaint Quezon town is a feast of gastronomic proportions. Yup, its beyond your usual delicious chorizo, if you know what I mean. There were three things that made my tummy satisfied all throughout the day in Lucban during the Pahiyas.

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