Draw, Explore, and Serve the People: Mapping the Philippines and I

Google Mapmaker

Ever since I was a kid, I held fascination over maps. I buy maps—err; I let my parents buy me some maps. From the cheapest school maps to book atlases perhaps. Geography is my favourite subject in school. This is where you get to memorize the provinces of the Philippines and its capitals, per region, their culture and history. I sleep with the old Manila book maps back in the 1990s. I bring them at school. Maps have been my obsession-seeing places, imagining places and even memorizing the way how to get there. In other words, GPS has been programmed already since the 1990s, hehe!

Maps have given me comfort. It is one way to see the world—for me. Atlases at least gave me some glimpse. Yet it’s not enough. Postcard perfect photos, very shallow write-up, outdated facts and not so detailed maps were the limitations of these. Internet back then was still very limited and expensive—and was turtle slow if we compare it on today’s standards. So, I just go to the library and browse every atlas or any other books relating to culture, history and geography of the places. I’m not also that rich to go to Disneyland or Paris or NY…these were my humble flying carpets.

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Revolutionizing the Way We Connect

Globe Telecom has just unleashed another of its pioneering moves in the telecom industry as they roll-out 4G  mobile technology in this republic. Currently deployed in Metro Manila, Globe is expected to widen its coverage of 4G sites all across the nation by 2012. The telecom network has already took advantage of gradually introducing the 4G mobile technology in the country through WiMAX-and has now finally integrated it so that the customers may experience a whole new level of mobile technology in which, either in business or in personal use, speed is everything.

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The Crown of Valor and Glory: Corregidor’s Topside

Mile-High Barracks Corregidor

Last Christmas, I had an opportunity of visiting one of the bastions of Philippine history, Corregidor Island. As with my previous posts, from the beginning and towards the middle side area, this island has a lot of stories to tell, about valor of our forefathers who fought endlessly to defend our freedom from the invaders. Yet the highlight of that tour last December hasn’t been reached yet. As we reached high above the Manila Bay, the view of the nerve center of then-one of Asia’s best military camps, this island has still a lot to tell…from its head and all towards under its belly.

This is my tribute to the men and women who sacrificed their lives for the greater glory of freedom and for peace to prevail once more in this part of the globe. Today is April 9, Araw ng Kagitingan in the Philippines.

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A Filipino Travel Blog in Spanish

Most of the Philippine travel blogs are written in English, and some in Filipino and other vernacular languages of the republic. Understandable enough since these are the main modes of communication here in the country and the rest of the world. However, I ought to think of something different. Something that is “not normal.” How about writing your travel experiences in Spanish?

Hence, ViajeroFilipino.com came into my mind-the Spanish sister of HabagatCentral.com.

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