Revolutionizing the Way We Connect

Globe Telecom has just unleashed another of its pioneering moves in the telecom industry as they roll-out 4G  mobile technology in this republic. Currently deployed in Metro Manila, Globe is expected to widen its coverage of 4G sites all across the nation by 2012. The telecom network has already took advantage of gradually introducing the 4G mobile technology in the country through WiMAX-and has now finally integrated it so that the customers may experience a whole new level of mobile technology in which, either in business or in personal use, speed is everything.

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A Filipino Travel Blog in Spanish

Most of the Philippine travel blogs are written in English, and some in Filipino and other vernacular languages of the republic. Understandable enough since these are the main modes of communication here in the country and the rest of the world. However, I ought to think of something different. Something that is “not normal.” How about writing your travel experiences in Spanish?

Hence, came into my mind-the Spanish sister of

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Be the Super One and win a Super Phone!

For someone special, you wouldn’t like to feel that you are away from him or her. You’ll be wanting to talk more, and be with you more. However, the distance, the time, and even the expense of getting yourself in touch with your loved ones, is keeping you from expressing your appreciation fully. I for one, would like to keep in touch with my special someones at the lowest price possible. Given the times we have, it pays to have an effective way in communication. Good thing though, mas abot mo ang mundo, pati na ang iyong mga minamahal sa buhay as Globe unveiled its newest perk-Globe Super One.

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How did the Philippines Beat the Odds?

With the sun setting for Arroyo’s administration, its a high time on how we could analyze and evaluate the nine years of management of the state. The book “Beating the Odds” by Renato Velasco and Ricardo Saludo, analyzes the policy-implementation of the Arroyo administration in managing the archipelago nation for almost a decade. Leaving the fiasco of a’la telenovela political drama, the book turns into the policies in political, fiscal and social sectors that served as a guide throughout the rest of the administration, which in turn, may be used as a reference for the future administrations to come.

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Enjoy Life and Be Rewarded!

Like what they say, “life is short, enjoy it!” Indeed. Why thinking miserable if you could make the most out of life itself? Sometimes, it doesn’t take the most complicated things to enjoy life…well that’s based on my opinion. For me, traveling and sharing my knowledge to the public is what makes me happy when I blog. I feel rewarded upon giving my local knowledge for those who seek help. My passion for writing, this is another way of enjoying blog posts. I’m more of an expressive type of person. Through this, I can vent out or express whatever I want. Because of blogging, I get to meet new people and add friends. Simple it may be but it is something worthwhile. Rewards will come if you enjoy what you are passionately doing.

Now, how about you? What do you enjoy in your life?

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