How to Get In and Out of Gensan Airport On Tight Budget?

Gensan Airport

In the mid-1990s, the General Santos City experienced boom in investments, most especially in infrastructure. Foreign-aid multi-million dollar projects such as the road network, a world class container port and fish port were just some of the infrastructures that were given to the southernmost city of the Philippines. General Santos City International Airport has been one of the largest projects that were made in south-central Mindanao. It has the longest runway in entire Mindanao, third longest in the country—with a span of 3.2 kilometers. It can accommodate large aircraft such as Boeing 747 or Airbus A380.

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From Iloilo to Sendai with Compassion

Sendai Airport CCTV capturing the tsunami engulfing its tarmac (video courtesy of Russia Today)

On March 11, 2011, the world was shocked and awed again with nature’s raw awesome power as Japan’s Tohoku region was rattled by a magnitude 8.9 earthquake, and after that-the sea gobbled up cities, towns, farms and people — seven meter tsunami has changed the Japanese psyche and landscape forever. The aftermath was devastation and death. Japan’s worst crisis since the end of World War II.

Iloilo Airport was brought by the cooperation between the Japanese and the Filipinos

What I couldn’t believe was that even Sendai Airport was like a sitting duck in nature’s fury as its runway was submerged in sea water of debris and destruction. Come to think of it, the airport is already located more than a kilometer away from the coast (the tsunami was reported to have reached as far as 10 kilometers inland!) In a way, Sendai Airport reminds me of Iloilo Airport…however its far from the coast line and was constructed with Japanese backing and aid.

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How to Get Out of Clark International Airport?

Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (Clark), Pampanga

It was my first time using Diosdado Macapagal International Airport or more known as Clark International Airport (IATA: CRK) on my flight back from Cebú from Sinulog Festival. The first question of a first timer commuter is: How do I get out of the airport? I have been here a few years ago, but just until the waiting area. We walked from CM Recto Highway (near UP Pampanga) and it was a bit far from the airport terminal itself. Given the time constraint (I have work at Manila by 11PM, I arrived Clark at 7PM and Manila is almost a hundred kilometers away!) I have to leave as soon as possible. Now here are some of the options on how to get out of Clark Airport and head on to Angeles or Manila:

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In Case of Emergency, Just Dance!

Sometime last Friday or Saturday, while I was surfing the net for aviation videos (I’m an avid fan of aviation, hehe!) on Youtube, I stumbled on this flight safety instruction procedure by the dancing flight attendants of Cebu Pacific Air here in my beloved Philippines. Well, instead of the usual boring and ho-hum safety instructions that has been like a ritual every flight for both passengers and FAs, it really caught my attention when I heard Lady Gaga over the PA and these FAs just started to dance!

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This Time, Please Understand NAIA

I was a bit irked earlier this morning when a media person interviewed a NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) official regarding the flight diversion that happened yesterday, after strong thunderstorms lashed Manila that led to zero visibility around the airport. Of course, I know the fact that ordinary people doesn’t understand the technicalities of airport operations…and so do I. I may not be an official or an expert in aircraft navigation nor a pilot myself, but somehow, I understand the consequences that NAIA faced yesterday. What irked me though was a seemingly sarcastic tone of “mauulit nanaman yan muli?” (“Will it ever repeat again?”). Of course it will! That is about mother nature and life and death! Its the standard operating procedure whenever Mother Nature has gone nuts! Safety over convenience!

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