Calle Pariancillo de Malolos

Got an overdose of Barosoain, Cathedral and the Capitol? Wait till you get to Calle Pariancillo, Malolos’ own version of Calle Crisologo of Vigan. Heritage buffs, here’s another place to linger upon, hehe!

Basically, as its name imply, it was once a small community of mestizo Chinese people who lived in Malolos. The afluent peoples of Malolos once live here as manifested by old bahay na bato and art noveau and art deco buildings that have been preserved overtime.

The entrance of the street itself is the Plaza, with a pre-war Malolos City Hall which is heavy on its bulky yet art-deco style. Said to have been built in 1930′s, today it still stand as the city’s edifice. 

Well, pagpasok pa lang babalandra na ang lumang sinehan ng Eden. Only a few places outside Metro Manila does have a modern cinema back then. It does register Malolos’ affluence and economic importance back then.

Upon entering the street itself, two ancestral houses welcome the visitor…Boy, San Nicolas Manila is frustrating but these bahay na bato still stands and better preserved than their contemporaries back at the Big City. Continue reading Calle Pariancillo de Malolos

The Capitolio and the Cathedral in Malolos Bulacan

I think I already tackled earlier about Barosoain…but Malolos City is more than just that. We do all know that it has been the capital of the first republic of the Philippines under the “dictatorship” of Kapitan Miong (the first president himself) and right now, the heart of governance of the province of Bulacan. We do all know that the women here has a special place in our history as Lolo Jose wrote about her women’s courage.

The second of the Malolos series. Ngayon naman, we’ll be passing by the Provincial Capitol of Bulacan and the Cathedral of Malolos. Both are of edifices of power, with the latter having an interesting place in Philippine history…

Capitolyo Provincial de Bulacan

Bulacan Provincial Capitol

Located just beside the main highway going to either Pampanga and Manila, this art-deco dominated capitol was said to have been constructed during the American colonial period, in 1930′s. Grand as it may be seen from the Provincial Capitol plaza, it manifests the best of neo-classical and art-deco mixture. Inside, the said style dominates the scene. It gives a commanding yet majestic impression of the province. Continue reading The Capitolio and the Cathedral in Malolos Bulacan

The Cradle of The Republic: Barosoain Church of Malolos Bulacan

Barosoain Church

It seems that the Cha-Cha issue is back again in the arena…sa pula! sa puti! I do agree with ammending our 21 year old Constitution since it may be innapropriate of times. But anyway, the Constitution is one of the most important elements in composing a sturdy state…kahit nga organizations meron nyan eh. It sets the guidelines and order to humanity’s usual chaotic self. The constitution of this country has created history of this nation…mobilized the power of the state and its people, but the foundations were not in Manila, but in a town up north, known for its women and that ten pesos church in which the constitution of the first republic was born…Barosoain Church in the capital city of Malolos in the province of Bulacan.

One boring Thursday, I decided myself to go to Malolos, Bulacan…I always pass by Bulacan but never been at her heart. This progressive province up north is the catchbasin of Manila’s expanding urban area but thank goodness for NLEX! Continue reading The Cradle of The Republic: Barosoain Church of Malolos Bulacan

Going to Where the Republic Stood Still…

Be needing to have a time off from my Sabattical and idle activity, boredom is pushing me to sanity limits…Therefore thinking of another trip tomorrow morning…to where Asia’s first republic was born and stood still amidst the tides of imperialist chess players of the early 20th Century…the settlement found north of the Cabisera de . . . → Read More: Going to Where the Republic Stood Still…

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