The Sinulog Legacy

The Sinulog festival was initiated by the government to pay homage to a pagan ritual being done by Cebuanos, then and now, as a way of worshiping and praying for the intercession of Santo Niño de Cebú. Yet where did the dance that sparked the largest festival in the country today started? Two steps forward and one step backward, imitating the sulog or waves while waving a candle or an image of the Santo Niño. An ancient pagan ritual merged with Catholic beliefs—a form of syncretic Filipino folk Catholicism.

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Citylights Shine Like Diamonds: The Tops of Cebu

View from the Tops

“Parked car, this night sky makes city lights shine like diamonds”

-”First of Summer” by UrbanDub

Ever wonder where Gabby Alipe of Urbandub got this inspiration? Actually, this is the “lover’s nest” of Cebu. Well, most of those who are dating go here. With its cool mountain breeze and a vista unequaled in the metro, seeing all the way to Bohol and even Leyte.

The Tops would be the ultimate choice of the romantics and those who just want to cool off from the busy life down at the city. I remember going there first time. It was daylight. The vista of Metro Cebu and Mactan Island was awesome. Just wait till night comes.

The Tops sits on the 2,000 foot ridge overviewing Metro Cebu, Mactan Island and beyond. Its quite far and isolated for local Cebuano standards because of its inaccessibility to public transportation despite good roads. By night time, city lights do shine like diamonds. During Christmas, New Year and Sinulog season, fireworks abound the city, creating that fantasy world for the lovers and for the whole family. Continue reading Citylights Shine Like Diamonds: The Tops of Cebu

How to Get In or Out of Mactan-Cebu International Airport

Mactan International Airport

The commuter’s guide to airports is back, and now on into Visayas’ main hub, Mactan-Cebu International Airport.

Considered as the second international gateway by most Filipinos and travelers alike, Mactan-Cebu International Airport is located some more or less 20 kilometers away from downtown Cebu City, but sits in metropolitan urban sprawl of today’s Queen City of the South. Cebu is noted for its increase in tourism arrivals, beaches, fiestas and the so-called urban-rural tropical island living that has been attracting thousands of visitors.

Mactan Airport was opened sometime during the Marcos era, when the old Lahug Airport in mainland Cebu (now Asiatown IT Park) couldn’t be expanded anymore. The American military forces constructed the said airport as a secondary hub for Clark Air Base, after its utilization it was used by the public.

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Larsian: Barbecue Park of Cebu

Got a hungry tummy but short on budget in Cebu? Head on to “Larsian.” If you don’t know this, it is located besides Chong Hua Hospital near Fuente Osmena of Cebu City. Very accessible indeed.

Larsian has became an institution in Cebuano consciousness like the Santo Nino itself. It was first just a . . . → Read More: Larsian: Barbecue Park of Cebu

Taralets Goes Back to Cebu!

I wasn’t expecting that within last weekend, I’ll be able to go back to Cebu after a year of absence. It took time for me to digest that I wasn’t dreaming. This place holds special in my heart as I grew up here in my first three years of my life, relatives, barkada, . . . → Read More: Taralets Goes Back to Cebu!

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