The Thieves of EDSA, Myself and Tips for Safe Travelling in Manila

This is EDSA. Nope. this is not the place were my phone was stolen. I don't have a photo of the area.

It was Saturday morning, 7th of May 2011, at Manila’s busiest thoroughfare, EDSA. Southbound lane at the loading and unloading area just across our office at EDSA Central. It was one heck of a humid morning. My office-mates/colleagues have already alighted a Ayala Ibabaw-bound bus. I am waiting for my bus bound for Dasmarinas, Cavite. I have kept away my important belongings in my bag: wallet, my cellphone, and my ID. My headphone was inside my shirt. I do this everytime I’m on that area-just for safety. For numerous times my important belongings have been stolen, I need to be vigilant. Yet the following unfortunate scenario happened… Continue reading The Thieves of EDSA, Myself and Tips for Safe Travelling in Manila

How to Get Out of Clark International Airport?

Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (Clark), Pampanga

It was my first time using Diosdado Macapagal International Airport or more known as Clark International Airport (IATA: CRK) on my flight back from Cebú from Sinulog Festival. The first question of a first timer commuter is: How do I get out of the airport? I have been here a few years ago, but just until the waiting area. We walked from CM Recto Highway (near UP Pampanga) and it was a bit far from the airport terminal itself. Given the time constraint (I have work at Manila by 11PM, I arrived Clark at 7PM and Manila is almost a hundred kilometers away!) I have to leave as soon as possible. Now here are some of the options on how to get out of Clark Airport and head on to Angeles or Manila:

Continue reading How to Get Out of Clark International Airport?

Learning the Art of Combat Commuting in Manila’s MRT

An Epic Struggle: Inside Manila's MRT on a rush hour

Saturday, 28 February 2010. 5:45PM Manila Time. Ayala MRT Station – It was rush hour (on a Saturday ha!) and the northbound MRT was late for more than 5 minutes. Obviously, if the train is late, passengers-in-waiting increase. I was running out of time, so I forced myself to get into a jam-packed MRT and went to Ortigas. A lot of foul words are hurling inside the MRT as people still struggle to push themselves in already full MRT. Kulang na lang sarsa, we are packed and smelled like sardines!

6PM Manila Time, Shaw MRT Station – I thought there would be many passengers that would go out of Shaw Boulevard Station. I was wrong. Instead, it went towards the extreme of kissing your fellow passenger beside you or the door. The driver may have lost patience because of so many people forcing themselves to come in. He then said in a firm tone, “sa susunod na lang po na tren ang iba. Next train na lang po ang iba!” But his plea fell on deaf (and stupid) ears. The train closed its door and moved towards Ortigas. Bueno, viva sardinas!

Continue reading Learning the Art of Combat Commuting in Manila’s MRT

EDSA 102: Keep Your Ticket for Inspection!

EDSA Traffic

EDSA Traffic

A lot of us are taking for granted the sign “Keep Ticket for Inspection” in the buses or even in its tickets. Let’s not be hypocrites here, sinisiksik natin yung tiket kung saan saan o di kaya itatapon na lang kasi parang basura ang mga ito. It’s a hassle but given the nature of buses in Metro Manila which of “come and go situation,” most of them don’t issue those very detailed tickets unlike those who serve on provincial routes. That recycled ticket is the most important thing that you posses upon riding a bus…so keep your tickets until you’ve reached your destination. Here are some of the tips and consequences on keeping or not keeping your bus tickets. It’s in Filipino.

EDSA 102: Keep Your Tickets for Inspection tips and consequences, or else bahala ka sa buhay mo:

  1. Laging mapagmasid. Pinapa-alahanan ko po sa mga kababayan ko pong komyuter, na laging maging mapagmasid…hindi lang sa mga walang-hiyang magnanakaw at iswitik sa tabi nyo, pati na rin sa mga kundoktor ng bus na sinasakyan nyo. Sa Kamaynilaan, di nag-iisyu ang mga bus ng mga detalyadong ticket nang tulad sa mga provincial buses, barko o eroplano. Come and go operation kasi sila at ito’y naaangkop sa mando na nasa EDSA. Continue reading EDSA 102: Keep Your Ticket for Inspection!

How to Get In and Out of Manila’s NAIA Terminal 1 & 2 On Tight Budget?

NAIA Terminal 2

NAIA Terminal 2

If NAIA Terminal 3 was difficult to access through public transportation, NAIA’s Terminal 2 (also known as the Centennial Airport) and Terminal 1 (old NAIA International Airport) are otherwise, very very accessible…in fact, it is s0 intertwined directly with Metro Manila’s busiest thoroughfare…EDSA! In spirit of helping the Filipino people and foreigners alike, I would like to share my knowledge (limited though) on how to get in and out of NAIA Terminals 1 & 2 without taking the cab or making hatid-sundo (bring-fetch) with your friends or loved ones. Continue reading How to Get In and Out of Manila’s NAIA Terminal 1 & 2 On Tight Budget?

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