Galeón Andalucia Docks at Manila

Galeon Andalucia in Manila

It has been two hundred years since the “Pearl of the Orient” has last seen a galleon. After most Latin American countries gained independence in the 19th century, especially Mexico, the famed Manila-Acapulco Galleon trade ceased to exist. Two hundred years later, Manila was visited—like somewhere in the past—by a Spanish galleon from Seville, Spain, the Galeón Andalucia.

As part of the Día Del Galeón celebrations in the Philippines, the 17th century Spanish galleon replica docked at Manila’s Pier 13 at South Harbour after traveling for more than six months at the sea, from Seville in Spain to Manila. Before they even arrived here, the ship was at the 2010 Shanghai Expo in China. The galleon is manned by 30 tripulantes, 28 hombres and 2 mujeres.

Galeón Andalucia is docked at Manila’s Pier 13 at South Harbour (that’s near Eva Macapagal Ferry Terminal). She sits like a majestic chica from the past. Her masts tower the horizon. The wooden replica is powered by wind and by machine.

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The First Día Del Galeón Opens in Manila

Nao Victoria - Spanish Galleon Replica to Dock at Manila on Oct 5

After two centuries of almost left in the oblivion of time, the journey of thousands of miles that initiated the modern trans-Pacific trade, has been celebrated. Manila, the first ASEAN cultural capital, opened the 1st Día Del Galeón Festival (Day of the Galleon) on 24th of September, 2010. The said festival will go on all the way to the 8th of October, 2010 with the theme “Connecting Continents.” With cultural presentations, academic conferences and the revisiting of a replica of the Spanish galleon, the event was organized by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, Instituto Cervantes, the Embassies of Spain and Mexico, and all other non-government organizations, and members of the academe and the Philippine government—rekindling the once (almost) lost connection between Philippines, Mexico, Spain and the rest of Asia in two centuries of treacherous journeys across the Pacific, that changed the course of world history.

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The 112th Philippine Independence Day Celebrations at Luneta: A Reflection

A century and 12 years later, the Republic of the Philippines celebrated its freedom from the Spanish Empire with a float, performance and parade gala at the Quirino Grandstand in Luneta, Manila. Since this is the last year of the outgoing president Gloria Arroyo, the government allotted PhP10 million for the whole programme. The National Historical Commission of the Philippines (Yes, another name change. It was National Historical Institute) was the main organizer of the programme “Kalayaan 2010″ (Freedom 2010). I wasn’t able to see the traditional flag raising at Aguinaldo’s House at Kawit (its too early! Good luck at baka trapik sa Binakayan galing dito sa Imus!) so I went to Luneta that afternoon for the civic and military parade.

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Dynamic Media in Asia: BroadcastAsia and CommunicAsia 2010

The advent of new technology has created new challenges that are faced by the media and its practitioners. To discuss and exhibit plans on facing a bold new world for the media practitioners and media itself in Asia, BroadcastAsia 2010, the largest digital multimedia and entertainment technology event in the region will be held at Singapore from June 15-18, 2010. With its theme “Integrating Technologies, Experiencing Content,” the event will be discussing on new technology, especially the advent of 3-D broadcasting technologies in Asia such as seen on television and film. Along with the innovation brought by 3-D technology, the optimisation of digital signages for entertainment and advertising will be also tackled, as some analysts forecast a brisk economy for these in the region. The said event will also open up a dedicated content conference, aiming to give new ideas on how creative content and innovate workflow solutions for different production companies in Asia.

Alongside BroadcastAsia 2010, CommunicAsia 2010 will also be held in Singapore on June. Being one of the most recognised infocomm technology events in Asia, it will showcase new technologies and ideas that would shape the ever-dynamic social and economic structure of Asia. Including in the highlights are wireless mobile technology discussions, marketing through social networking, green IT talks and business technology solutions.

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Krispy Kreme’s Dough Your Part!

Its just a few days away (or a week from now) before the most critical decision of the nation unfolds. The Philippine national elections is set on 10th of May, 2010. That’s next Monday already! The fate or the future of the entire Filipino nation rests on the hands of its citizens. The difference is, a lot may be shocked or confused as the polls goes automated. No longer we have to write our candidates in our ballots and be counted manually. However, it posed worries amongst the voters whether they’ll do the right thing in the ballots. This however, should not hinder Juan de la Cruz to vote. In spreading awareness of the importance of participating in the national elections, Krispy Kreme (KK) launched “DOugh YOUR PART.”

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