The Thieves of EDSA, Myself and Tips for Safe Travelling in Manila

This is EDSA. Nope. this is not the place were my phone was stolen. I don't have a photo of the area.

It was Saturday morning, 7th of May 2011, at Manila’s busiest thoroughfare, EDSA. Southbound lane at the loading and unloading area just across our office at EDSA Central. It was one heck of a humid morning. My office-mates/colleagues have already alighted a Ayala Ibabaw-bound bus. I am waiting for my bus bound for Dasmarinas, Cavite. I have kept away my important belongings in my bag: wallet, my cellphone, and my ID. My headphone was inside my shirt. I do this everytime I’m on that area-just for safety. For numerous times my important belongings have been stolen, I need to be vigilant. Yet the following unfortunate scenario happened… Continue reading The Thieves of EDSA, Myself and Tips for Safe Travelling in Manila

Tranquil Talisay, Divisoriang Tagaytay!

Binintiang Malaki -- Taal Volcano's most photographed cone/crater

It was Christmas Day, well a lot of urban-dwellers of Manila and its suburbs like to spend some time with the company of family and friends. My family though decided that we go to Tagaytay and pass by Pink Sisters then head on to one of the last “shack cottages” overlooking Taal Volcano and Batangas Province. It was cold and was drizzling when we went there. Tagaytay as expected would be crowded on a long weekend, but we never expected such mass exodus that would unfold later that day. Continue reading Tranquil Talisay, Divisoriang Tagaytay!

La Conquista de Corregidor: Getting Ashore

MiddleSide Barracks of Corregidor

It was one of those unplanned trips again that ended up great—and as a history student, a place something to look forward to. It was my first time conquering “The Rock of the Orient.” It is the tadpole-shaped sentinel island that guards Manila Bay from invaders—and indeed it held steadfast in Philippine history. The English name, “Corrector’s Island.” En español, “La Isla de Corregidor.”

The Philippine Flag at North Docks

Thanks to Ivan Henares and Sun Cruises, I, together with bloggers Joel, Cedrick, James, Estan, Claire, Rob, Patricia, Ivan Mandy, and Sir Bobby Aquino of Magsaysay Shipping, we embarked on a 1 hour and 15 minute fast cruise towards the mouth of Manila Bay as the sun is just reaching its rays over the skyline of Manila.

Continue reading La Conquista de Corregidor: Getting Ashore

In Case of Emergency, Just Dance!

Sometime last Friday or Saturday, while I was surfing the net for aviation videos (I’m an avid fan of aviation, hehe!) on Youtube, I stumbled on this flight safety instruction procedure by the dancing flight attendants of Cebu Pacific Air here in my beloved Philippines. Well, instead of the usual boring and ho-hum safety instructions that has been like a ritual every flight for both passengers and FAs, it really caught my attention when I heard Lady Gaga over the PA and these FAs just started to dance!

Continue reading In Case of Emergency, Just Dance!

When Manila Commuting Turned Upside Down

It’s currently my first week at my new job. After a year, I’m back at graveyard shift. Yup, I’m back where Edward Cullen and his family take on a rampage to the innocent bystanders. Oops! Not for the green minded! My daytime IS night time. 11 PM to 8 AM!

Although the feeling of nausea and sleepiness is part of this schedule, I am however, blessed by this fact: Going to work is as easy as 45 minutes or even less! Yes, people of the republic-no longer I am subject to the tenacious and seemingly endless cycle of Buhos system of Cavite! No standing at the bus, kissing the doors, being harassed by the bus conductor or by manyaks, and most of all-goodbye sardinas sa bus!
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