From Iloilo to Sendai with Compassion

Sendai Airport CCTV capturing the tsunami engulfing its tarmac (video courtesy of Russia Today)

On March 11, 2011, the world was shocked and awed again with nature’s raw awesome power as Japan’s Tohoku region was rattled by a magnitude 8.9 earthquake, and after that-the sea gobbled up cities, towns, farms and people — seven meter tsunami has changed the Japanese psyche and landscape forever. The aftermath was devastation and death. Japan’s worst crisis since the end of World War II.

Iloilo Airport was brought by the cooperation between the Japanese and the Filipinos

What I couldn’t believe was that even Sendai Airport was like a sitting duck in nature’s fury as its runway was submerged in sea water of debris and destruction. Come to think of it, the airport is already located more than a kilometer away from the coast (the tsunami was reported to have reached as far as 10 kilometers inland!) In a way, Sendai Airport reminds me of Iloilo Airport…however its far from the coast line and was constructed with Japanese backing and aid.

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Simple Living Has its Price: An Ode to Nagtaluntong of Lobó Batangas

My family and I went back to Lobó in Batangas province to have a break from the urban jungle and my dad’s inspection on the project site at one of the mountain barangays of the town. We went on to one of the most isolated towns in this part of Southern Tagalog region. Protected by rugged mountains and bordered by the Verde Island Passage, it seems that the town has been encapsulated in time by nature herself! When before, I had a brief visit to Malabrigo Lighthouse, this time I went off the beaten track and return to the placed I was enamored when I was in Grade 6 and a realization of an uphill countryside struggle for survival.

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The 112th Philippine Independence Day Celebrations at Luneta: A Reflection

A century and 12 years later, the Republic of the Philippines celebrated its freedom from the Spanish Empire with a float, performance and parade gala at the Quirino Grandstand in Luneta, Manila. Since this is the last year of the outgoing president Gloria Arroyo, the government allotted PhP10 million for the whole programme. The National Historical Commission of the Philippines (Yes, another name change. It was National Historical Institute) was the main organizer of the programme “Kalayaan 2010″ (Freedom 2010). I wasn’t able to see the traditional flag raising at Aguinaldo’s House at Kawit (its too early! Good luck at baka trapik sa Binakayan galing dito sa Imus!) so I went to Luneta that afternoon for the civic and military parade.

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Of Diego Bunuel & Ian Wright

Nope, this is not a fan post or anything that is about their programs that has been ingrained in my mentality for years…but these people, their co-hosts and staff, and most especially their programs inspired me to go the extra mile whenever I travel.

Since early childhood, I started becoming a jetsetter. As early as several weeks old, I was able to travel from Manila to Pagadian in Mindanao. Then later afterwards according to my parents, we move on from one place to another, settling at Cebu for three years, frequenting visits at Pagadian and Iloilo, then settled in Manila, particularly in suburbian Cavite for 12 years, then six years in Iloilo then back for a year and a half in Cebu. In between 22 years of my life, I have my own adventures, both benevolent and foolish. Traveling has been my passion. May nunal nga ako sa paa.  Continue reading Of Diego Bunuel & Ian Wright

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