How to Get In and Out of Manila’s NAIA Terminal 1 & 2 On Tight Budget?

NAIA Terminal 2

NAIA Terminal 2

If NAIA Terminal 3 was difficult to access through public transportation, NAIA’s Terminal 2 (also known as the Centennial Airport) and Terminal 1 (old NAIA International Airport) are otherwise, very very accessible…in fact, it is s0 intertwined directly with Metro Manila’s busiest thoroughfare…EDSA! In spirit of helping the Filipino people and foreigners alike, I would like to share my knowledge (limited though) on how to get in and out of NAIA Terminals 1 & 2 without taking the cab or making hatid-sundo (bring-fetch) with your friends or loved ones.

NAIA Terminal 2 Concourse

NAIA Terminal 2 Concourse

Terminal 2: The Philippine Flag Carrier’s Hub

Standing on whatwas the old Manila International Airport (MIA), NAIA Terminal 2 was c finished in 1998 (hence the name “Centennial Terminal) and started operating in 1999. This is Philippine Airlines’ terminal and major hub in Manila. All of international and domestic operations of the flag carrier in Manila are here.

With approximately 75,000 square meter terminal, it boasts of being modern and glassy. Natural light comes in the terminal.

And guess what, NAIA’s Terminal 2 are served by buses from EDSA. Going here or away from here is as easy as pie.

Coming from Quezon City or Makati, just take the bus with a sign “MIA 6-11″ southbound. It’ll just go directly all the way to NAIA Terminal 2 and even Terminal 1. It’ll pass by just meters away from the terminals…so it’s just a short walk from the departure or arrival entrances.

Terminal 1: The Old Lady with a Historical Significance

NAIA Terminal 1

NAIA Terminal 1

Perhaps, she may be the oldest among the three but she has more stories to tell than anyone…

NAIA Terminal 1 was finished in 1981, designed by renowned National Artist Architect Leandro Locsin. It became the international hub of most non-PAL (Philippine Airlines) flights. In other words, NAIA Terminal 1 serves international flights.

It has been a witness to Filipino’s undying spirit. At it’s tarmac near Gate 13, Senator Ninoy Aquino was shot dead by assassins probably of the Marcos administration whom he once criticized…that was 1983. The airport has seen the influx of overseas Filipino workers who ventured out to seek greener pastures for themselves and for their family.

Today, this 28 year old terminal serves as Manila’s prime gateway to the world…and in my opinion, I hope it gets rennovated too.

Now, getting in and out of here again is very easy. Just refer to Terminal 2 (MIA 6-11 buses/EDSA-bound) that passes by its accessway on the northern edge of the terminal. Just ask anyone from MIAA on where exactly it is located…but it’s not hard to find

Another thing though is that NAIA Terminal 1 is very accessible to jeepneys plying Baclaran-Sucat route and FX (Asian Utility Vehicles) plying Sucat (Parañaque) and Lawton (Manila).

These terminals served as our gateways. If you have anything to add up, feel free to put a comment here…it’ll be greatly appreciated.

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3 comments to How to Get In and Out of Manila’s NAIA Terminal 1 & 2 On Tight Budget?

  • Ia

    Hi Sir, I’ve read from other blogs that indeed, the easiest way to go to Naia T1 and T2 is through the buses at EDSA with “MIA/NAIA” destinations.
    However, I’m from Paranaque. I leave near the airport road already, but I don’t know how to commute to Naia Terminal 2 (aside from taking a cab). Is the EDSA route really the easiest way? Iikot pa ako ng EDSA just to take a bus, when I’m already near Naia? Thanks.

  • gerhard

    hlo sir d2 aq sa qatar sir uwe aq dis week tanung q lng sir dyn aq kukuha ng taxi ung nkaregester na taxi dyn sa loob ng airport papunta aq ng bocaue bulacan sir tanung q lng po kung mgkanu kya mababayaran q sa taxi sa estim8 nyo puntang bocaue bulacan ligtas kaya aq nyn sir tnx i hope ur answer my questions tnx

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