Oh Lomi! Batangas’ Famed Noodle Soup

Oh Lomi! With thick noodle soup, egg on it, chicharon and some friend pork belly and innards...sinful but delicious!

It was morning, and I just came from Laiya Beach. Dang! I had a hangover that morning…must have been that brandy I took when we were having a party with my officemates last night. Bad shot, stomach’s sour, head was heavy and the gravity on earth seemingly increased to 2Gs!I was hungry and I was really craving for that hot thick and rich bowl of noodle soup called Lomi, Batangas‘ answer to savory hot noodles like the mami and the batchoy (and of course, ang walang kamatayang instant noodles!). I was looking for one at San Juan town proper but the food shops are not yet open. So I went all the way to Lipa City, an hour away from San Juan, just to have that heavy soup!

Lomi is a hot, thick, noodle soup which is usually composed of thick noodles, very thick soup that is mixed with egg, some pork meat and innards, some have squid or fish ball or chicharon on top of it, and voila-belly buster, “calometric” fuel that would surely charge you with some energy (and raised blood pressure).  This soup is known to be a belly buster in Philippine cuisine. Despite serving it in a regular sized bowl, the thickness of lomi will really make you full for more than six hours I guess.

Lomi with onion, calamansi, (chili and soy sauce hidden) as condiments

In Batangas, if they serve it more than PhP50 (US$1.25),  that’s already enough for two people to consume! Sulit! Not only its heavy, its also affordable too!

Upon arriving Lipa City, the jeepney stopped near Lipa Cathedral or the Catedral Metropolitana de San Sebastian de Lipa. She’s an icon for this city, and her cupola or dome dominates the city skyline.

San Sebastian Metropolitan Cathedral in Lipa City

I was avoiding the temptation of expensive fastfood lurking at downtown’s streets. I went here for lomi, not for burger! After passing by the church, I immediately ask local tricycle drivers where can I get the nearest lomihan or carenderia/canteen that serves lomi. They all pointed to Kalaw Street where there is a carenderia in which most tricycle drivers have their sumptouous meal of lomi. Di naman ako maarte, so I went on street food 101-dyan lang sa karendieria nila ate!

Ate was able to give me lomi for only P35! With calamansi, sili and toyo as condiments, I had a happy breakfast. Chicharon cracking in my mouth, savory pork and that warm and thick bowl of noodle soup just pacified my tummy! I was satisfied and I feel lighter (from the hangover)! Lomi’s the best tummy filler whenever you’re in a hurry in Batangas! Buurp!!!

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