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Category Archive: Adventure


Soak Up the Sun at Tuka Marine Park

Tuka Marine Park Beach Number Three

It was just a random weekend when my friends and I went to western Sarangani for some relaxation. Out of random places, we went to Tuka Marine Park in the town of Kiamba, an hour and a half drive and 15 minute boat ride from General Santos City.  Relatively an unknown to most outsiders of Soccsksargen, this is Sarangani’s alternative to the popular white sand beach of Gumasa in the town of Glan. Tuka is also a protected park, hence you’ll get to see its natural beauty, without much of the crowd.

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Escolta and Carriedo: Street Queens of Downtown Manila

Escolta and Carriedo

I was supposed to write about my personal Visita Iglesia last Holy Thursday, but I couldn’t help but notice the journey that we took, the characters and faces that the streets of Manila shows that Thursday. In this blogpost, I would like to go back to two streets which are two streets that are contrasting with each other, yet a mirror of Manila’s character: Escolta and Carriedo.

Manila has been the capital of the islands since the Spanish colonial era, and it has been a hub of political power and of commerce. From the northern banks of Pasig River, just across the walled city now called Intramuros, this became Manila’s economic hub because it’s near the docks. Between the districts of Binondo and Santa Cruz, Escolta’s prominence rose. On another side, connecting Quiapo to Santa Cruz is the busy street market of Carriedo.

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The Adventure: How Travelling Changed My Life

Leap of Faith...well, it looks like a wide-body aircraft trying to lift off from the runway!

Call me a nomad.

Since birth, I have been roaming around the Philippines and was perhaps destined to roam the country and perhaps the world-how I wish. There was no event in my life that didn’t involve traveling. It is part of me and my family. It wouldn’t be me if it wasn’t for those frequent “family-work oriented excursions” that we had back in my childhood days or my adventures into the unknown.

Traveling is part of my system, and the way that defines Berniemack and HabagatCentral.

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Seeking Tinago Falls

Tinago Falls

While Maria Christina Falls wasn’t enough, there’s another cascade that was set to be as one of Iligan’s finest. True to its name, Tinago Falls is a turquoise gem hidden in the lush verdant greens of the highlands of Lanao del Norte. Getting here is an effort, but totally rewarding.

Tinago Falls is located more or less 15 kilometers south-east of downtown Iligan City, near the Timoga cold springs. The first time I saw it was somewhere in a television show, about a white curtain of water falling into a crystal blue pool beneath and surrounded by lush vegetation. It seems so tempting to go there.

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The Pink Sand Beach of Santa Cruz Island

The Pink-White Sand Beach of Santa Cruz Grande Island

Since my Basilan day trip was far-fetched and wanting to save the city tour for later, I have no idea where to go in Zamboanga City. Thankfully, a friend of mine said, “Tu viaje a Isla Santa Cruz.” It wasn’t the first time I heard about the island—my relatives have been promoting this as the island of pink sand.

Landing on the beach - Downtown Zamboanga on the other side

For those who aren’t familiar, Santa Cruz Island (referring to Isla Grande de Santa Cruz) is one of Zamboanga’s best kept secrets. Located some few kilometers away across the strait, the islands are well-known for its pink-white sand beaches and seemingly virgin when it comes to tourism development. Despite being very close to the city, only a few have visited this island. Most people who go here are local Zamboangueños who spend their weekend at a beach. Most urban dwellers of the north may probably have second thoughts going here since Basilan is just across the strait.

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