The Pulsating Gensan Fish Port

Yes to Gensan Manong Kargador! Mabuhay ka! (Long Live!)

If it is yellow-fin tuna, it’s got to be Gensan (General Santos City)! The fifty billion peso tuna industry has been synonymous to General Santos City, the boom town sitting beside the deep harbor of Sarangani Bay. Ever since 1970s, armadas of both small and commercial fishing boats have been disembarking the “chicken of the sea” in Gensan or Dadiangas, from the bounties of The Pacific and Celebes Sea. Because of this, it has attracted a lot of investors in setting up tuna canneries, processing plants and other investors—along with workers, generating thousands of jobs in a highly-industrialized city. Because of the growing demand, General Santos City was in need of better facilities for trading yellow-fin tuna. In 1999, the General Santos Fish Port Complex was opened. It wouldn’t be “The Tuna Capital of the Philippines” for nothing, right?

The prized catch from the sea--Yellowfin Tuna

General Santos Fish Port is located at Barangay Tambler, some 15 kilometers south from downtown Gensan—quite far if you’re not used to the distance. But no traffic here, so it’ll be just a quick ride in the industrial districts of Labangal, Calumpang, and Tambler.

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Waiting in Toledo City Cebu

Toledo City, Cebu

Toledo City, Cebu

I never got it to the 2:45 PM trip from Toledo City in Cebu to San Carlos City in Negros Occidental. I’ve got late leaving Cebu City due to some obligations at the Museum. So I waited here in the port in which we’re going to depart at around 5PM for Negros. I wonder if there are still buses plying Don Salvador at that time? Or else, I have no choice but to take the longer route, grueling 5 hour trip to Bacolod City via Escalante-Cadiz area. Whoa! Continue reading Waiting in Toledo City Cebu

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